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Roulette Game Rules - How To Play And Payout In Roulette
Roulette is an easy but tricky gambling game usually found in casinos and is normally based on chance to win. One should first be familiar with the fundamental rules of playing roulette, a conventional table game being played in casinos since long. roulette game rules, how to play online roulette game, rules for roulette gamesMay it be played in an online or offline casino, one should thoroughly understand the layout on the roulette table and the way to bet on it and begin to play with real money to experience the thrill of this game.

Basic rules of playing Roulette
Though roulette is known as a very easy game but one must understand the basic rules and steps of playing it. If you are willing to play with real money then take a seat and place a bet on the roulette table, though there is no seat for onlooker unless they tend to place a bet on the table. Normally, players play Roulette game against the casino, represented through the dealer who manages the bets, spins the roulette wheel and arrange for the payouts after the game. There are 37 slots in European/ French roulette wheel with 36 numbers and a zero whereas American roulette contains 38 slots with 36 numbers and two zeros.

The players then have to buy different colored chips from the dealer to avoid any confusion in the game. The value of chips is fixed by the dealer which enables the players to know the value of bet made by others. The value of chip can be increased with consent of the dealer before that start of next game. In some cases the chips in different colors are printed with their specific value. These can be encashed at the end of the game, at the will of the player. The time has come to make bets on different numbers and zeros on the table layout and several other outside betting options like even and odds, color, columns, dozens etc. and inside betting options like split, corner, straight up, line, high/low, street etc. These bets can be changed until the call of dealer for ‘no more bets’.

Then the dealer spins the roulette wheel and spins the ball in opposite direction of the wheel. The dealer calls to stop betting before the ball slows down to stop in one of the slots of the wheel. The dealer puts the dolly on the winning number and clears out the chips of other bets from the table. The number particular on which the ball stays is the winning number with some nearby numbers and other outsider and insider bets that are linked with the winning number. The dealer payout the winning player and the next game opens for the next bettings soon after.
Other options for players to play RouletteRules for payouts
The payouts on the winning bets are done as under:

The bet made on one number on the table layout, called ‘straight up’ gets payout for 35 to 1 without any House Advantage.
The bet on two numbers called ‘split’ bet receives 17 to 1
The ‘street bet’, a three number bet, pays 11 to 1
The bet on four numbers, known as corner bet, gives 8 to 1
The six numbered bet pays 5 to 1
The outside bet on dozen or column gives 2 to 1
The even money bets on outside pays 1 to 1

Purpose of playing Roulette
The whole game of Roulette depends upon the predictions made by the players for the landing of the ball spinning in the opposite direction of the wheel’s movement. Similar to general predictions, the predictions done in roulette are also not easy and depend upon the luck of the player. Some of the players go for the ‘hot’ number for betting next time and some take the chance on other numbers that are not winning so frequently, assuming their turn to win. Different option on the roulette table layout are opted by some players to increase their chances to win but this strategy is found to give lesser outcome usually. Thus players use various strategies to win the easiest and traditional gambling game.

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